A Complete Seller’s Guide

First-time sellers want an easy experience when putting their homes up for sale in the Chicago suburbs' — here’s how to achieve that

Deciding to move is a significant milestone, but what comes next? Putting a home on the market and orchestrating a streamlined sale takes expertise, insight, and experience. The process has many moving parts, and keeping your priorities in order can seem like a constant guessing game. However, with the right steps and proper guidance on your side, you can ace your sale with minimum fuss with the GetBurbed team.

As a client-centered, highly esteemed brokerage, we have the savvy market know-how to set up your sale for success. From step one to the closing table and beyond, we will guide you to exceptional results

Lay the groundwork


As you begin the sale process, your main points of contact will be a team broker and a Client Care Coordinator.

Work with a Trusted Broker


Get the most out of your first consultation by sharing your real estate goals with us. Your priorities might include the timeframe of your sale, the minimum asking price you’re aiming for, the selection of helpful contractors for any upgrades you want to take on, and much more. At this time, we’ll review the home’s online listing with you, land on a solid pricing strategy, and kickstart the showing process.

Connect with Your Client Care Coordinator


Along with your broker, you’ll be contacted by one of our Client Care Coordinators who will provide next steps. You’ll fill out our listing questionnaire that allows us and our Marketing Director to customize communication and showcase your home's best features to tell its unique story through our best marketing efforts.

Prep your home


Working with the GetBurbed team means you’ll have instant connections to expert stagers, professional photographers, tradesmen, and other professionals who can make your property shine for serious buyers. Our team will coordinate and plan for all the necessary updates and changes as needed to make your property shine, for less marketing time and higher profit returns.

Professional Staging and Photography


Aesthetics matter when selling a home. If necessary, we'll provide you with a staging consultation and offer simple tips to improve your home’s “show-ready” condition. Our warehouse of furniture is at your disposal to make sure your home is presented in the best way possible. We will then schedule your home’s photo shoot with one of our professional real estate photographers. They will highlight the best features of your home through clear photographs and a 3D walkthrough floor plan.

Expert Marketing and the MLS


We work to provide a custom marketing strategy involving social media ads, website exposure, and printed solutions. As photos are being completed, any signage and lockboxes will be installed (where allowed), Your home can then be activated on the MLS within 48 hours after uploading photos. The MLS syndicates your listing to over 200 consumer websites, with enhanced exposure through getburbed.com, atproperties.com as well as all of the major home search portals including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, providing outreach to a vast audience of prospective buyers.

Through GetBurbed's exclusive partnership with Zillow, we have the unique ability to position your listing prominently ahead of all others and in front of the widest possible audience. This means your listing will not only stand out but also offer a distinctive presentation, providing potential buyers with a captivating and memorable viewing experience.

Put Your Plans into Action


Once you’ve strategized for your sale, your broker and the Marketing Director at GetBurbed will collaborate to ensure qualified buyers see and visit your home.

Marketing a home is much easier said than done. That’s why GetBurbed collaboratively executes a top-tier marketing plan dedicated to your sale. World-class marketing, from bold signage and brochures to sophisticated digital advertising, video, and social media, will set your property apart from the competition. The team also maximizes your listing’s exposure via leveraged professional and personal connections.

Show your home


Your broker may suggest an open house while your home is LIVE on the market. Hosting a successful open house will be a significant advantage and lead to various offers. Your broker will share tips for making your particular open house a success. Everything counts, from spot maintenance to finishing touches like modern appliances, recent remodels, and pristine landscaping.

Negotiate Offers


As offers on your home pour in, your broker will meet with you to plan your counteroffers and ultimately decide how to respond. At every point, your broker will professionally represent you during communications with the other party and keep you aligned with your goals.

Close the Sale


The attorney review period marks the beginning of a crucial phase once an offer is executed. At this stage, our dedicated real estate team steps in to guide you through the intricate process of closing the sale. Beyond the initial offer, our commitment extends to ensuring that every aspect of the purchase contract, including earnest money, inspections, appraisals, financing contingencies, and walk-throughs, is meticulously managed to protect your interests.

 We work diligently to coordinate with all parties involved, from the buyer's agent to the lender and appraiser, to make certain that every requirement is fulfilled within the specified timelines. Our experienced team closely monitors the progress of each contingency and communicates updates to you promptly.

In addition to managing contingencies, we also provide a comprehensive overview of all closing expenses well in advance, so there are no surprises on the day of closing. We meticulously review all paperwork, making sure everything is signed promptly and accurately, facilitating a smooth and stress-free closing experience.

Get Started with GetBurbed


Working with a trusted broker informs every aspect of your sale, making the process effortless and netting you more on the bottom line. The trusted team at GetBurbed is an ideal fit for all your real estate endeavors. Our vast experience in the Northwest and Western Suburban real estate scene, unrivaled work ethic, and a keen eye for detail will give you a distinct advantage from day one of your sales. 

Our transparency and dedication to your satisfaction mean that you're always in the know. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we go the extra mile to address any questions or concerns you may have.Call GetBurbed to begin your next step in your real estate journey.

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