8 Interior Design Trends Shaping 2024’s Luxury Homes

8 Interior Design Trends Shaping 2024’s Luxury Homes

The world of luxury home design is ever-evolving – and 2024 is no exception. To give you the scoop on the latest luxury interior design trends, we sat down with Katy Evans, founder and principal of North Shore-based Katy Evans Design. Her takeaway: 2024 is about color, functionality, and designing a space that syncs with your lifestyle.

#1. A Renaissance of Color and Texture
While neutral colors will always be a popular choice for luxury homeowners, Evans’ clients are also starting to utilize bright colors, bold patterned wallpapers, and richly textured fabrics to add depth and character to spaces.

“We’re seeing a sort of resurgence in bold, expressive choices in home design,” Evans says.

#2. Wallpapers Transforming More Than Walls
Wallpaper is also no longer confined to traditional spaces like living rooms. “We’re bringing unique wallpaper patterns into every room – bathrooms, dining rooms, and even mudrooms,” Evans says. “It’s another easy way to bring patterns and colors into a space – and take an ordinary space and make it feel extraordinary.”

#3. Personalization through Bold Appliances
Homeowners are taking their desire for a pop of color to a new level, bringing brightly colored appliances into the kitchen to personalize their spaces without a heavy lift. “This trend is about more than just aesthetics,” Evans says. “It’s about homeowners bringing their personalities into their spaces, making each kitchen unique.”

#4. Quartzite: The New Luxury Standard in Kitchens
Quartz is becoming a popular alternative to marble in high-end kitchens, according to Evans.

“For a while, there was such a demand for marble – and marble is great. But it can be $50,000 for a countertop,” Evans says. “Quartz has a strong aesthetic resemblance to marble with incredible durability and functionality. More and more of my clients opt for this material, even in very high-end kitchen designs.”

#5. The Return of Brass – with a Modern Twist
Brass fixtures, particularly antique and unlacquered pieces, are making a comeback. This reflects a broader trend of blending modern design with vintage elements to create timeless and contemporary spaces.

#6. Children’s Rooms: Evolving with Time
Children’s rooms are undergoing a significant transformation. Evans notes that families are increasingly looking for a space that will grow with the child. To deliver that, Evans – a mom to a three-year-old herself– focuses on functionality and timelessness rather than fleeting trends.

That can mean choosing a neutral color palette to provide flexibility when it comes to adding and changing decor down the line, or purchasing furniture that can be repurposed as your child grows.

“So maybe the art or bedding is a little trendy or young – that’s an easy swap. But the core of the room can stay as is,” Evans says.

#7. The Evolution of the Living Room
Gone are the days of stuffy, formal living rooms. In their place are multifunctional spaces designed to welcome guests.

“We’re incorporating features like bars and lounge areas catering to a more relaxed and social lifestyle,” Evans says. “People want to entertain at home. They want to go into their living room and hang out. So we’ve been making those spaces more fun and functional.”

#8. Personalizing Window Treatments
“Custom window treatments make a huge difference,” Evans says. “Never underestimate the power of how much different a space can look when you just get custom drapery.”

Style-wise, this year’s window treatment trends are shifting towards calming, serene colors, including more natural, muted, and earthy tones, plus soft neutrals.

“By tailoring drapes and other window treatments to a space’s specific style and dimensions, it’s easy to enhance its overall aesthetic and atmosphere,” Evans says. “It’s worth the investment.”

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